sEX buddies?

We’re all well aware what Throwback Thursday is…. but what happens when you want to Throwback Thursday with your Throwback Thursday….. Do you catch my drift? If not, we’re talking about sex with our past sex buddies. Come on Ladies! We all know it’s something we’ve thought about doing, if we haven’t already done it.

First, before you decide if you’re going to be Throwing it back or not, you have to think of yourself. Are YOU ready for a nothing-but-sexual relationship? Are YOU okay with what you’re going to be doing? Are YOU in control of the situation? A lot of women think they can get away with sex with an ex because they’re ‘so over it’. But truth be told, a lot of women are not really over it.

Let me just get one thing clear….HUMANS LIKE SEX. Just because your ex responded to your booty call DOES NOT mean you two are getting back together. You like sex, your ex likes sex, and you guys already know how to have sex with each other… That’s the main reason we have sex with our exes. I mean, I know it’s the reason I do. It’s so much easier to just call a past flame and try to get the dishes washed than having to meet someone new and showing them how you like your dishes washed.

Let’s get back to the YOU AREN’T GETTING BACK TOGETHER with your ex thing. Women view sex differently than men. Granted, there are few women out there who can completely disassociate any emotional feelings toward sex but most women can’t. To men, sex is sex. It’s in their nature to want to mate. Women seem to connect emotions to sex, leading to complicating a lot of things. Especially in just a sex buddy relationship.

A sex buddy relationship is really quite simple when you think about it. Two people agree to a sexual friendship. Personally, I’ve only had like two sex buddies, but for both of them we were friends who go out, have a good time, have a few drinks, and then end the night with sex. It’s nice when you two are on the same page of the friendship. Things get sticky when you aren’t on the same page. There are a few things you should probably discuss with your partner if you tend to be more emotional. For instance, are you two strictly sleeping with only each other? What’s your method of protection going to be? If you aren’t sleeping with only each other, definitely use condoms. The only thing I ever ask of any of my sex buddies is honesty. Be up front with me about anything and everything, and I will be with you. In fact, I’ve been so honest that I’ve upset some people. But I’m okay with that.

I’d also like to get one thing clear, it’s the 21st century. Sex buddies are a thing. Casual dating, casual sex, whatever you want to call it. Don’t feel guilty for being a sexual being. Be safe, always. Get tested regularly, use protection, and all that fun stuff. If you forget, there’s always Plan B…Literally! Haha!

xxx The Modern Lady.


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We've all heard them before, our mothers taught us, our aunts warned us, and our grandmothers led the way. The Modern Lady's Guide is bringing the old rules up-to-date. Because let's face it, if we can update our phones, hair-styles, and wardrobes, we better be able to update our rule book. So go grab a beer, and get to reading.
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