A Lady…

In the crazy chaotic world we live in, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in things that we completely forget about one thing that actually matters… ourselves! My life has been extra hectic lately. I had just finally gotten on a good routine for myself, and BAM! Life happens and messes it up. Of course, life’s going to be messed up for the next couple weeks but that’s the way it is.

One thing that I find to be very important is finding time for myself. Each and every day, even if it’s just 30 minutes doing yoga. If we don’t do this we can end up getting snappy and feel like we have a grey cloud over us. I know I hate feeling that way, which is why I try to remember myself. I try to give myself some time in the morning to relax and ‘wake up’ but then I start doing some yoga to really get my muscles energized. It’s a great way to relax yourself and give yourself some ‘me time.’

I know in my life and work life, having ‘me time’ is very rare. I’m always running on someone else’s schedule, and I have things to do. As long as I find some time for myself daily, I’m okay. If not, I tend to feel overwhelmed and I get cranky.

So next time you’re feeling like a grouch, try to remember the last time you took time for yourself? Maybe it’s something you should start doing. Or if you already have your ‘me time’ what do you do?

The Modern lady's rule_-7

The Modern Lady’s New Rule: A lady always makes time for herself.

xxx The Modern Lady.


About The Modern Lady's Guide

We've all heard them before, our mothers taught us, our aunts warned us, and our grandmothers led the way. The Modern Lady's Guide is bringing the old rules up-to-date. Because let's face it, if we can update our phones, hair-styles, and wardrobes, we better be able to update our rule book. So go grab a beer, and get to reading.
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  1. julllla says:

    I’ve nominated you for a bloggers award! Check my blog out tomorrow at 12 pm to see the full post. I hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

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