Modern Lady’s Must-Have!

I’m sure we all have a favorite brush, I know I do. For some reason I can’t seem to find another exactly like it, I’ve had it forever. I love using it everyday with multiple different colors. Before, I would wipe the brush on a clean towel to switch colors. I noticed it never really got all of the color off the bristles. Now, I use the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo and let’s just say I don’t know how I lived before owning this.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 3.24.24 PM

Pictured is the Color Switch Solo, which is the one I own. There are other options on the website, but for me and my uses this was the best. There’s a Color Switch Duo with a little damp sponge in the middle for applying foiled shadows and whatnot but I’m not into foiled shadows at the moment. What the Color Switch is though, is basically a stippling sponge, in a tin can. So I’m sure that’s the cheaper option, but as far as I know this company is fairly new and I’m always down to support new companies.

All you do is get a brush dirty, when you’re ready to switch colors, swirl the brush against the Color Switch Solo for a few seconds and the brush is clean! This is definitely a must have for me, especially because it’s so quick and easy, AND you can wash the sponge and reuse it. There’s also the option to purchase more refill sponges.

I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone. Whether you just like doing makeup at home, or if you’re a traveling makeup artist. Make this an essential in your kit.

xxx The Modern Lady.


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We've all heard them before, our mothers taught us, our aunts warned us, and our grandmothers led the way. The Modern Lady's Guide is bringing the old rules up-to-date. Because let's face it, if we can update our phones, hair-styles, and wardrobes, we better be able to update our rule book. So go grab a beer, and get to reading.
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