Battle of the Brands: KVD High Voltage vs. MAC Paint Pot

It’s time for the results of this weeks showdown. For those of you who haven’t read my blog, especially in the past week, I’ve been doing an experiment. On one eye, I’ve been using my holy grail, Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer. On the other, MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly”, a very popular base/primer. I was honestly so impressed with the Paint Pot. First, the color is more natural than the KVD High Voltage. The KVD High Voltage is very yellow, the Paint Pot was pretty close to my skin.

Mac Paint Pot

Mac Paint Pot

KVD High Voltage

KVD High Voltage

When you use the Paint Pot as a base with any eyeshadows from any brand the shadows flow seamlessly, and blend flawlessly. With the Kat Von D I noticed you have to work a little more with blending, as it seems to be “sticky” with shadows but not in a bad way! In fact, the “stickiness” of The KVD High Voltage keeps any eyeshadow in place, without creasing. Which is what I didn’t like about the MAC Paint Pot, it creased on me some days, other days it didn’t. My KVD never creases on me and the shadows stay in place.

As far as how each primer effects shadows, I noticed that eyeshadow tends to be more true to color when applied on top of the MAC Paint Pot. Since the KVD High Voltage primer has such a yellow base, it tends to make lighter eyeshadows more toned down. When blended this really doesn’t make much of a difference. I definitely noticed it when applying the shadows though. You can see in the photo what I mean.

L: MAC      R: KVD

L: MAC                                           R: KVD

I really liked the creamy feel of the MAC Paint Pot. I don’t mind the ‘sticky’ feel of the Kat Von D High Voltage, because it’s really not that sticky, I just can’t find the best word to describe it. It’s definitely not as creamy as the Paint Pot though. As far as price point goes, the Paint Pot retails for $21.00 and you get 0.17oz  whereas the Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer retails for $15.00 for 0.04oz.

The winner of this “Battle of the Brands” is really so hard to choose. Both products are great, the Paint Pot makes shadows blend perfectly and the colors really show. But the KVD High Voltage Primer’s longevity really makes me love it, although you do have to work for the perfect blend. To be completely honest, I’m going to say the MAC Paint Pot is the winner here. I really enjoy working with it. Plus, you get more than triple the product for six extra dollars!

Have you tried these two primers yet? Let me know what you think in the comments, and suggest what products I should put to the test next!

xxx The Modern Lady.


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8 Responses to Battle of the Brands: KVD High Voltage vs. MAC Paint Pot

  1. Dorkchops says:

    Great comparison review! ❤ I've never tried either of them myself but I've always wanted to get my hands on a paintpot!

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