Hit or Miss: Revlon ColorStay Whipped

Revlon ColorStay Whipped has been on the market for quite sometime now. I’ve seen multiple YouTube guru’s raving about it and I was in the market for a new foundation, so I figured I would buy it for my Major Haul coming up. (I couldn’t wait to post about it, it’s not in the Major Haul anymore.) Now, I bought mine at Walgreens and it was about $15.00. I’m sure you can find it at Target or Walmart for cheaper. It’s a really decent size, and the texture is like pudding. When I first applied the foundation, I used a regular foundation brush. At first, I hated the way the foundation looked, but I continued to apply it. When I was done, I was like “DAMN! I’m flawless!” I loved it. The next day, I used my beauty blender to apply it and I loved it even more.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.50.28 PM

I thought I had found a new foundation, everything was perfect, down to the color match. I was so happy! I felt great. That is until the night of the second day. I noticed I was breaking out, I thought it had to do with my diet or lack of water. Until I noticed a rash on my forehead. I was like “Oh no, this can’t be happening!” I usually have really tough skin, I rarely have problems with products. I couldn’t believe it! I immediately took off the foundation and washed my face to prevent anything from worsening. This morning the rash calmed down a bit, and I went to using L’oréal True Match Lumi. 

I’m honestly so bummed that Revlon ColorStay Whipped didn’t work for me. I loved everything about it! I guess I’ll have to look at the ingredients and see what caused me to react this way. So for The Modern Lady this product is a Miss, unfortunately. It would have been an amazing Hit, had it not broke me out! If you haven’t tried Revlon ColorStay Whipped, I still say give it a try because it’s seriously an amazing foundation in my opinion. If it works for you, I’m super jealous.

Oh well, I’ll continue my search for a perfect foundation….

xxx The Modern Lady.

HEY! If you haven’t suggested anything I should grab for my Major Haul, DO IT! Especially foundations now! Hah!


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9 Responses to Hit or Miss: Revlon ColorStay Whipped

  1. Mariecrz says:

    Have you tried L’oreal’s Lumi True Match, or their regular True Match foundation? The Lumi foundation was my favorite when my skin was going through a dry spell, but now I just use the regular. I’ve been tempted to try Maybellines mouse-like foundation (I can’t remember the name of it).

    Good luck on your search!

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  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s to help bring awareness to bloggers with less then 200followers. I didn’t know how else to tell you lol I Love your blog!❤️ the one I did is on my page if you want to see what it’s about☺️☺️

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